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Saturday, August 10, 2013

I'm on iTunes (finally!)

Hi there Friends & Fans,

OKAY SO THIS IS PRETTY EXCITING, MY NEW CD "Love & Fairy Tales" IS NOW ON iTunes (sigh). Before you laugh, let's talk about the level of difficulty here... 

First I had to make the EP/CD, then get all the (retouched) photos, then get all the photos and songs to fit the format on the ReverbNation store to get them to push it to iTunes. I also had to first publish the hardcopy CD on my Reverbnation Store. For some reason the hardcopies didn't happen this time on CD Baby...oh well. No worries. Then I had to pay Reverb to put it on iTunes. Then I had to keep my fingers crossed that iTunes would publish it quickly-and (yay) they did! This was AFTER my release in June 2013 about a month and a half later, so I was, um, a bit late shall we say? 

Anyways, it's there now. It took about 5 DAYS to get it posted to ReverbNation because they were having severe bandwidth issues with me getting my songs uploaded and the photos, etc. for the was a very taxing time for me. All's well that ends well anyways, so here's the URL:
 Ta-Da! (I really hope you upload it since it's less than $6.00!!) A bargain I might add... Thanks! DeDe :) 

PS the Christmas CD is really coming along great, (if I may say so), and I really think you will like the 2 videos coming from my visit to LA: "One Child", my original new Christmas song, and "The Fairy Tale Song" (fun & whimsical-I really love what Jesse is doing to this video so far!!) I'll certainly keep you posted about when they arrive, AND a few contest updates for you as well... :)