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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

We're Back in the Saddle Again! A Houston Update...

Hi there Music Friends & Fans,

It's SO nice to be home! (Clicks heels together): There's no place like home, there's no place like home, there's no place like HOME! (sigh.)
Just an update. We survived RECONSTRUCTION (well mostly...!), and we're back in our (mostly?...) completed house in Houston again, Post-Harvey. Yay!!  We're feeling thankful and very blessed to be home, can you tell? Even the dogs are happier-and so are the squirrels and birds who missed me feeding them (and our dogs chasing them?) every single day! Ha!
Some News:
Please continue to PRAY for Houston as we are still in the midst of re-building, and there are still many who are homeless, routed from homes, lost everything, jobless, or just generally down and out...
I'm in a fantastic NEW BAND called the Six Alarm Band (well the band's been around awhile, but we've been doing a little re-grouping). We play hits from the 60's to 80's and some hopping oldies, and we're in the process of updating websites, etc. now. I'll fill you in on more details soon...but we DO have 2 upcoming Houston Area performances:

Mo's Irish Pub N. (on Vintage Park),  June 15, 7-10pm  More info TBA
Mo's Irish Pub in Katy (on the Katy Frwy),  June 29  7-10pm  More info TBA
I also am in a great jazzy duo called DeDe & DC* and we just performed a fun cocktail party in West U this past weekend and we have a lot more coming soon...

Lastly, I'm on the Board of, and I'm traveling to the International Music and Entertainment Awards in Ashland KY June 16, where I'm nominated in Categories 1 & 2 for "America United", and I appreciate all your VOTES very much! I hope if you're a musician you'll check out and join this very fine non-profit Indie Music organization and submit your music!

Larry and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your thoughts, emails and prayers during this trying time. We are blessed to know you and have you as friends & supporters-we love each of our fans, friends and musician family so much!

Wishing you God's every blessing, and I hope you're enjoying this gorgeous Springtime!
DeDe :)
Instagram: DeDeWedekind
*DC stands for Dan Carlson, my amazing keyboard player. He has rhythm and bass on his keyboard and together we play some awesome and fun standards and oldies....

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My song, Dream of You is in the Top 10 #Songs on this Indie Music Chart!
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Thanks for supporting us local Independent Artists!!!  I appreciate all of you so much!!
Hugs, DeDe Wedekind

#5: Dream of You By DeDe by DeDe WedeKind

Friday, September 29, 2017

Can 1 Artist have 3 Songs on the Top 10 Chart at Once?......

...And the answer is...


Thanks friends & fans for helping me get these songs on the #Broadjam (Songwriters-Earth) Overall Top 10 Chart:

#2: Prime of Life by DeDe by DeDe WedeKind

#8 Sell Me Out

#10 Leaning on Heaven

Hear all TOP 10 Songs here:

Thanks for listening to, following me, supporting my music, and for caring and sharing my music!

DeDe :)
2017 Member of the Recording Academy - Home of The Grammy Awards

Saturday, July 29, 2017

#1 Hit on Blues Chart!: Sell Me Out by DeDe & New GRAMMY Membership!

Apparently now I'm a VOTING MEMBER of the GRAMMY Awards (Recording Academy)...exciting!

American music composer, DeDe Wedekind, Award-winning Singer-Songwriter from Texas and a member of ASCAP, has been accepted into the Recording Academy (home of the Grammy Awards), on July 21, 2017!

Please click on the below link to hear my #1 Blues song on the @Broadjam charts now "Sell Me Out"...I'm also #3 on the Overall Broadjam Earth Chart, and my music's also on many of their Top #Music #Charts now! Very cool. I appreciate your support by listening, sharing, buying, and liking my music!

Thank you!!!! DeDe :)

#1: Sell Me Out by DeDe WedeKind

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Can We Unite America Again? I'm on 4 Radio Shows & 1 TV Show in the next 10 Days!

Hi there Friends & Fans!

Just a quick update:

I'm on 4 Radio shows this WEEK doing INTERVIEWS June 5-June 10th! Details:

MONDAY 6/5: 2pm Central (NOW!) 2pm Central: the Douglas Coleman Radio Show!!! Click the link below to listen! DeDe Wedekind 😍😀😘

MONDAY Night 6/5, 8pm LIVE SHOW: DeDe on The Otto D Show! LIVE:

FRIDAY June 9th: DeDe on the Robert Christian Show, 5pm CENTRAL TIME: (

SATURDAY June 10th: DeDe LIVE on the Debbie SCOTT Radio SHOW! Join me as I help Debbie out and co-host her amazing show this SAT from 7-10pm, be sure to login and join our CHAT on Spreaker and give me your COMMENTS:)!


DeDe on Detroit WDWO TV-TCT Channel 18
Detroit, MI
Saturday @8:30pm