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Thursday, December 28, 2017

New Video: "Dream of You" by DeDe Wedekind

Friday, September 29, 2017

Can 1 Artist have 3 Songs on the Top 10 Chart at Once?......

...And the answer is...


Thanks friends & fans for helping me get these songs on the #Broadjam (Songwriters-Earth) Overall Top 10 Chart:

#2: Prime of Life by DeDe by DeDe WedeKind

#8 Sell Me Out

#10 Leaning on Heaven

Hear all TOP 10 Songs here:

Thanks for listening to, following me, supporting my music, and for caring and sharing my music!

DeDe :)
2017 Member of the Recording Academy - Home of The Grammy Awards

Saturday, July 29, 2017

#1 Hit on Blues Chart!: Sell Me Out by DeDe & New GRAMMY Membership!

Apparently now I'm a VOTING MEMBER of the GRAMMY Awards (Recording Academy)...exciting!

American music composer, DeDe Wedekind, Award-winning Singer-Songwriter from Texas and a member of ASCAP, has been accepted into the Recording Academy (home of the Grammy Awards), on July 21, 2017!

Please click on the below link to hear my #1 Blues song on the @Broadjam charts now "Sell Me Out"...I'm also #3 on the Overall Broadjam Earth Chart, and my music's also on many of their Top #Music #Charts now! Very cool. I appreciate your support by listening, sharing, buying, and liking my music!

Thank you!!!! DeDe :)

#1: Sell Me Out by DeDe WedeKind

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Can We Unite America Again? I'm on 4 Radio Shows & 1 TV Show in the next 10 Days!

Hi there Friends & Fans!

Just a quick update:

I'm on 4 Radio shows this WEEK doing INTERVIEWS June 5-June 10th! Details:

MONDAY 6/5: 2pm Central (NOW!) 2pm Central: the Douglas Coleman Radio Show!!! Click the link below to listen! DeDe Wedekind 😍😀😘

MONDAY Night 6/5, 8pm LIVE SHOW: DeDe on The Otto D Show! LIVE:

FRIDAY June 9th: DeDe on the Robert Christian Show, 5pm CENTRAL TIME: (

SATURDAY June 10th: DeDe LIVE on the Debbie SCOTT Radio SHOW! Join me as I help Debbie out and co-host her amazing show this SAT from 7-10pm, be sure to login and join our CHAT on Spreaker and give me your COMMENTS:)!


DeDe on Detroit WDWO TV-TCT Channel 18
Detroit, MI
Saturday @8:30pm

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

DeDe Wedekind Interview: LIVE w/ Missy on CenterStageMag!!!! Funny....:)!!

If you click on my (very attractive) photo above, you'll see and hear this AMAZING & FUNNY interview. 

(....and BTW, I am NOT opinionated in the least, Don!....LOL!)

I think you will really enjoy it...So click above to laugh, cry, smile, and sigh along with DeDe & Missy!! 


Monday, April 17, 2017

Check out my Album of the Year- Dream of You Distributed by TuneCore & live on iTunes!

Check out my Album of the YEAR Dream of You from @TuneCore NOW LIVE on @iTunes!:

Dream of You by DeDe Wedekind 

FYI Musicians: Sell your own music on iTunes, Spotify, eMusic, Amazon Music, Google Play and many more! Keep all your rights and get 100% of the royalties. Tell them DeDe Wedekind sent you, ok?  

Have a great week! DeDe:)