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Friday, December 11, 2015

My December to Remember Christmastime News...

Hi there,
A very merry and joyous Christmastime & a Happy New Year in 2016 to you!  Thanks for being my fan, and for purchasing, sharing & listening to my music, and for all your support in 2015! Many exciting things are happening, but above all I wanted to wish you all a truly memorable & blessed Christmas! 
Just a few updates:
My New Album "Dream of You"
As many of you know, my album is scheduled to be out very soon. We had a setback because I was ill for over a month, and couldn't sing! But it's back on track and we're almost finished mixing in Nashville, and on  to mastering, and then the album will be out-hopefully in time for Valentines! If you want to reserve your signed copy, please feel free to email me or respond to this email with your address and the number you want. I'll hold one (or more) for my email family for just $10 plus $2 shipping each in the Continental US (shipping is for up to 4)!!   This is a great deal because it will cost over $15 ea. to get one hardcopy if you order it after release...The songs are beautiful and a little different than my "usual". They're very honest & personal, with a bit of a folk, country-pop edge. I call it Amerifolk Pop-Country. There's also a little Latin jazz and even some rock-n-roll!
I think you'll enjoy the songs, and really relate to the lyrics. BTW- One original Single, "Stronger", already won Song of the Year at the 2015 IMEA Awards in Atanta on Oct. 24th, 2015, & Prime of Life was awarded Top 5 Finalist on Song of the, and nominated for Song of the Year at the 2015 IMEA awards! This album is actually based on the story of my life.  A story all of us can relate to: the dreams of youth, falling in love, aspirations, challenges & regrets, moving on, dealing with changes, and finally: love & acceptance. I sing about romance, the real meaning of love, the importance of family bonds, disappointments & heartbreak, finally growing up! and being happy and content right where you are now.
Please listen to some of the new songs here: & please let me know what you think of my demos of "Stronger", "Prime of Life", "Recipe of Love" & "Dream of You" ok?
Upcoming Shows
Since we've been working so hard on this album, we only have a handful of shows coming up, but I still wanted you to know about them...Most are private company Christmas parties, but I have a few shows coming soon:
New Years Boquete, Panama!  Stay tuned, I'm sending info to my Latin American/Panamanian friends soon! This show will be much different than my Christmas show at the Rock- more Jazzy and more dance music!
Feb 13, 2016, 7-9pm  Valentine's Show at the Bender Performing Arts Center, Humble.   Featuring jazzy-pop standards by classical Soprano Megan Stapleton, & Mezzo Soprano DeDe Wedekind :) More show information TBA!

Have a wonderful Christmas and God bless you & your families!
DeDe & Larry (Cookie & Sugar too!) Wedekind :)
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