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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Musician Stuff by DeDe: DeDe, Jeff Bova, and Tim Pierce Working on DeDe's ...

Musician Stuff by DeDe: DeDe, Jeff Bova, and Tim Pierce Working on DeDe's ...: DeDe, and Grammy-Winning Producer, Jeff Bova , (based in LA), have been working feverishly for the past few weeks on final mixes for her up...

DeDe, Jeff Bova, and Tim Pierce Working on DeDe's Upcoming CD, World of Christmas

DeDe, and Grammy-Winning Producer, Jeff Bova, (based in LA), have been working feverishly for the past few weeks on final mixes for her upcoming Christmas CD, "World of Christmas", coming Oct. 2013.  This CD will have 10 all-new songs: original arrangements of Christmas classics such as "Silent Night", & "Deck the Halls" with DeDe's classic spin, plus 5 great new songs written & arranged by DeDe. 

Described as very "world music", DeDe is bringing some classic new tunes, as well as some fresh twists on Christmas classics, all with a very world music beat and vibe.  Already getting industry attention, DeDe has French, English, Scottish, African, Celtic, Americana, Classical, and Latin influences in the songs on this CD.  

About this photo:  This photo was taken in early August 2013, during a guitar recording session near LA, with guitar great Tim Pierce and Jeff Bova. Here DeDe, Tim & Jeff are recording two of her original songs, “Joyful Christmas”  and "One Child" at Tim's studio for her Christmas CD. A note from DeDe:  "I call this photo 'Dueling ProTools' because both Jeff and Tim were running ProTools on their back to back consoles, and it was really fun to watch them as they were working".  Jeff Bova (Celine Dion, Michael Jackson, Katy Perry and Luther Vandross), and Tim Pierce (Tim is one of the top LA session players, and he regularly plays for Bruce Springsteen, etc.) are two of the most sought after music professionals in the US.  This photo was taken thanks to Nancy Larson at Tim’s studio, on Aug. 3, 2013.

For more information about this CD, visit Pre-Orders starting soon!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Reviews/Praise for The Fairy Tale Song...

I submitted this song for review on ReverbNation on 2 recent occasions. I was very pleasantly surprised by the detailed and positive responses overall I received.  I thought I'd post them here for your reading pleasure:)  I did remove a few of the nasty responses, but surprisingly there were only a few, and a lot of encouraging comments, and some constructive and insightful feedback. Note I did not make grammar or spelling's more realistic that way.  The colored comments are the ones I especially liked or found interesting :)  The music video should be out in a few weeks or's really cool!  For more information, visit  Thanks! DeDe

Praise & Reviews for "The Fairy Tale Song"-ReverbNation 8-22-13

This record starts with the thundering drums followed by the sound of the guitar. The artist lyrics tells a story about many different events. The artist has a sweet and bright voice. There is a beautiful harmony that is coming from the background vocals. The artist gives listeners encouraging words and it makes you want to hear more. The singer has a unique sound and excellent metaphors. After listening to this record you will feel inspired by the sound. Overall this is a great record and I love the positive sound that was coming from it.

this song tells a really pleasant story. the music in this song are really enlightening. the instrumental in this song is vital. there`s such a upbeat sound from this. there`s a cute run in the lyrics here. how they are so placed well in this . the singer in this song gives off a nice and simple performance. her voice is a shinning star. it`s very attractive and her approach in performing this song is really good

nice intro!! Love the females voice, clear and awesome!!! Sounds a bit like like sarah mclaughlin, Great song about overcoming your fears. Love the fairy tales come true bit. College kids would love this song, and straight edgers!! Has a churchy vibe... I like the overall lyrics, content and the female artist is amazing. Love to hear more from her and this band. Great job and hope that you get signed!!

You had a very tuneful melody. Also a very rich and warm distinctive voice. I can tell the fact that you were telling a story. You background music was very engaging. You sound like you are a very creative imaginative person (your lyrics expressed that ).

I really like this song! It's very upbeat and has a happy tone. It sounds like something that could fit very easily and very well in a children's movie. I also like the dual singers - the lead singer really sounds fantastic, and the background singer later brings out the melody. For a song in a children's movie, this really seems like an excellent song.

Great vocalist with some really clever vocals. I really like the delivery and slow build up in the instrumental. Very catchy tune, with a great melody and harmonized vocals. Great message in the song and is extremely uplifting. Alot of allusions and poetic devices used in the songwriting so this is a huge plus. The composition is on point, and the song is constantly changing with bridges and such. Unlike many other songs I have reviewed, this is very upbeat and like-able.

6-28-13 Reviews

Awesome pop drum fill opens this uptempo swing pop record. Love the glockenspiel in the verses. The record is well balanced - clearly mixed by a pro. The vocal rides the track nicely. Nice vibrato. Love the tone of the guitars. Reminds me of early - mid 2000's pop rock. The use of major 7 chords is unique and refreshing for this type of record. The song is very well written. Love the lyrics. This could be a great Disney record. Either that or it would be awesome in some type of soundtrack.

I like the lyrics and the 'boppy' sound used, in fact, the whole song has a very happy, go lucky feel, this would be a lovely song for a car ride in the summer. I really like the harmonising at the chorus section and the use of fills and 'oohs'. :)

The song did not have the sound for the radio too much, but more for a TV show. I really imagine this for a Lifetime or Hallmark channel show. That is just the mood that the song gave off. Now for the specifics: The music was a bit cheesy in an upbeat way. But this is not necessarily a bad thing because at least the song came off as positive and happy. The melody I think was what made it kind of cheesy sounding not so much the rhythm. And to cover the vocals: They were very suiting and appropriate to this style music, I do not think that these vocals would match any other style music though, they would not sound very good with another kind of sound. I say this because they had a certain sound to them. That was most appealing to this kind of music. It was actually perfect for this kind. And as far as the lyrics go, I was glad to hear the positivity of the message. They were very positive and had a good point behind them, which in a lot of songs, I have noticed that not all songs write lyrics with meaning so much, just words that rhyme. So I was very pleased to hear that this track had a positive and thought-out message. Which you do not get a lot of these days. That also is what made the song have a TV show feel to it, I thought that it was nice though. So even though I did not particularly like this song to hear on a daily basis or regularly, I thought that it was a nice and good use of talent. So with that said, I will rate this song a 10 out of 10 because even though it was not really my cup of tea, I was not bored at all during the song and also the important part was hard work paying off and that is what was done here.

and up beat song and good tunes and singer. Singer has a good voice. and understandable song. I like it. a song I could sing to. I like the lyrics and music.good song arrangement. very pretty. it makes me want to sing along with the song. I would buy it. i like country and its singer is crisp and i can hear the lyrics good.nice add with the piano playing and the drums out shine the singer.

I think the intro to this song had a good rhythm to it and a strong beat, it was varied and creative. The vocal melody of the siger was stylish and impressive, she sang with great ease. The lyrics were inspiring and though provoking, I love the little nursery rhythm lyrics near the start of the song. The instrumental was balanced, varied and compelling. It was smoothly put together with great timing.

Very tuneful and strong. Definitely original. Your voice is rich, and warm. Very inviting. The lyrics were perfectly clear, and told a great story. It was heart warming. The instrument accompaniments were balanced, solid, exciting and quite powerful. You were on pitch and the rhythm was wonderful. The introduction was catchy. You are very talented and imaginative, and put a great amount of effort into your work. It payed off =]

The first thing that struck me about the song was the lyrics from nursery rhymes, I thought it was a bit silly when I first heard the first line although I quickly got it and actually thought it was clever. Well written lyrics. The bass needs to do more in this song or there is no it being there, it's not even a case of a bass line that is making the song have more depth but not taking attention, the bass just needs more use. There was however a very good use of drums as they were playing good beats and keeping the rhythm and timing well for the piece. The techniques used were good at keeping the listener excited to hear the song all throughout it. The piano part was also composed and played very well, the melodies of the part were pleasant to listen to and uplifting. The vocalist has excellent quality of rich tone and depth to the voice and makes the singing a pleasure to listen to, the male backing in the chorus complemented her voice well and was a strong part of the wholeness and completeness of the arrangement in the chorus. The usage of the guitar is great as it was only used sparingly instead of taking over the song and was very well played and integrated into the music well. The bridge section was also a nice touch with great progressions and vocals. The ending did let the otherwise great song down a bit though as it seemed to end a bit abruptly, I think I would have preferred a fading ending on this song or a coda with a gradual ending. All in all, a good song though.

I love this song. the singer has a nice velvety voice, very sexy, and sounds great! The music is uplifting and the lyrics are as well. Very beautiful. These are the types of country songs I love to hear. Very inspiring, harmony sounds great. The male voice matches very well with the lead singers voice! The chorus very clear and illustrates a picture for the audience to hear and see. I can see how tis songs music video would be like!

I love this artist's voice; it's soft, yet strong. She does well with the high notes, too. I like the melody of the song, and the melding of her vocals with the background vocals. The tempo is energetic and fun, matching with the positive messages of the lyrics. I like the lead-in changes to the chorus. I think this could be a nice track to go to radio, as songs like this are definitely needed and can sit nicely right alongside other songs like this that have hit on country radio. The note at right around 3:48 is nice, and I like the abrupt ending with the drumbeat.

Imaginative lyrics. Memorable, tuneful, and shapely melody. The vocals are distinctive and rich, as well as being heartfelt and stylish. The lyrics are clever and thought-provoking, and the instrumental accompaniment works well with the lyrics, as well as being engaging and rhythmic in its own right. The artist is extremely talented and creative. Overall, excellent music with a real chance at doing well!

The song has a nice beat to dance to. It's a country/pop song that little kids would even enjoy. It has references to children's stories that makes it a great song for kids. It has a happy mood and puts you in a happy mood. It lifts your spirits. The lyrics of the chorus and the rest of the song are inspirational. The chorus is very catchy. The song could be a hit! The singer carries her voice well. The ending of the song could be better. The lyrics and how the beat of the song in the end could be improved.

This song is good. It reminds me of a loving home. With your family. Most of all I like the different rhythm in the beat. The vocals had a real high pitch, but that made it better with that combination.

Very nice. Smooth listening. I love the way that the song starts. Its very easy listening. The song reminds me of a love story song that I've heard in the past. I love the bridge to the song. I could definitely relate to this one!

This song had a great inspirational message behind it. The use of nursery rhymes allowed the reader to connect with the message the singer was trying to convey, also it added a fun twist on the style of song. The singer had great vocal control and pitch control through out the duration of the song. The track used was fun and child like which once again complimented the fun aspect of the song.

Vibrant drum line kicks this track off. I like the way that it provides bounce and life to the track. female vocalist had a brilliant feel to it. She used all the tonal range and character in her voice to perfection. Loved the way she projected the words with a slightly breathless feeling. For me what really worked was the way every word was lifted up. Also really liked the way the lyrics were created by mixing up nursery rhythms and stitching them together. This song goes a long way. the instrumentals to this song are very interesting. the beat is good and the music goes pretty far as being entertaining. the lyrics are good and there free flowing. this singer in this song does a commendable job. her voice is extremeely good, yet she does have a nice pitch to her voice. her performance is imaginative. it has a nice and genuine way here.

This song has a good and steady muiscal beat in the beginning. It's medium paced. A female singer starts in. She has a pretty light and soft voice. I think the genre would be country though it also sounds a little like soft or light rock. It is a pretty uplifting song. The lyrics talk about living your dreams and make your fairy tales come true. They are pretty and that alone might make some people more interested in this song.

I think the woman sounds classic country. I think she stays on melody with the song. I like the lyrics, they are cute. I think the song is encouraging and makes you feel independent and dominant. The rhythm is great.

This song a very strong message of keep fighting on, just cause there might me bumps in your journey; you can't give up cause there is always a happy ending at the end of the tunnel. This is a great song for teenagers that feel like they can't make it. I really love the meaning of the song. I would recommend this song to anyone that just doesn't feel like keep going.

I think this sounds similar to a musical arrangement john mayor would use. The woman on here has a great tone. The nursery stores are perfect. I think she has incorporated the idea well. I love the concept she provides in the song. It is truly wonderful and her sound is perfect and the rhythm of the instruments match it well.

I really like the beat of this song, it reminded me of a country song from very early on. The singer even sounds like she has a little bit of country in her voice. I think that this song could go on both pop radio and country radio. I like the "story" theme to the lyrics, too. I think there are some very encouraging lyrics here and the singer does a good job expressing them with her voice. This also sounds like it would be a good kid's song and could go in a kid's movie.

This singer has an excellent singing voice. I like that this song is so touching, what a positive song"we must follow are heart". The melody is nice and the singer sounds terrific with the instruments played great choice. Exceptional band love this performance.

This song has a nice melody.. a female vocalist sings the lyrics..."Marry... Marry...quite contrary does your garden grow... " Male harmonies join in for the chorus...."Life is a tapestry. the fun and the tragedy.. the bad good all mixed together..cause no else can really do what you were meant to do ...Live your dreams and make your fairytale come true " it had a great beat.. the instrumentals were awesome.. this had a positive message.. it was great for the imagination... I loved it!

Elements of soft rock, country, and folk displayed here. This song is not bad at all and the singer reminds me of Shania Twain, Jewel, and Taylor Swift in which she can use country and switch between different elements and genres on the same song. The music compliments the singer pretty well. You did a pretty good job here.


Nice catchy melody, brings out the emotion of the lyrics. Lyrics written well, make sense and actually seem to tell a story. Arrangement is good because none of the instrumentals overwhelm the vocals. Vocals do very well, harmonies are excellent when used. Change of pace in spots works very well. Yes I would listen to this singer and this music again.

I like the nursery rhyme theme to this song. It is different and unique. The singer has an incredible voice as she sings about life and living it and doing what you wanna do. She can reach so many great notes.

The singer tells a story so good with a great melodic voice. We have a great sound quality. The instrumental part shines. The composition is memorable. Studio work is made in a serious music studio. I would like to listen this song in the radio stations.

An immediate country/secular music cross-over just from the intro. The woman's voice is soft and classic. This song sounds a bit more like a child's song than a successful top charts hit. The sound mixing is great and professional. The harmonies are perfect. The execution of the beat and the rhythm is staccato, giving it a cutesy feel. The instrument choices are plain, which works for a song like this. The drums are appropriate for a country cross-over tune. The break after the key change is placed excellently.

I love music like this. The Lord is good right? I think she has a wonderful voice. The song is very inspirational to do good in life. It is a happy song as well. Puts a smile on your face and makes you feel a little bit better than before you did. The instrumentals on the song could be brought down a tiny bit. I would for surely listen to this song on a Sunday afternoon or Monday morning to get me going for the day. Good job on the song!

The intro starts with soft sounds of guitar strings, played so gently with the right freshness of sounds. The vocals are fascinating and touching with passion from the singers heart. The song is created with the right amount of harmony and flow.

Starts off with rocking beat my people, the artist music is displaying a lot soul and heart, nice upbeat tempo for a captive audience, great instrumental music, the artist voice is very powerful,her energy for the sound is outstanding, the drummer brings out the sound of the music, the song has great meaning to it, like it for inspirational music.

The lyrics are different and distinctive. The singer has good tone and expression and is not being over-powered by the instruments. The melody could have a better beat during the chorus as it gets quite repetitive and would sound better if it was more upbeat. I think this song would sound better with a stronger piano input to make it sound more upbeat and easy for the listener.

Loving the start to this song it sounds amazing with her voice, although the lyrics could do with a little thought but she suits it well. The instruments sound amazing and really well played they have amazing talent and i can see them going far. The rhythm is great and her vocal range is out of this world, so good.