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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Some upcoming shows and my music...DeDe

Hi there,

For the past several months, I've been working on my new album with 9 original songs, and set to record next be released in early Fall 2015.

I realized some of you haven't heard my music yet, so here's my link:

DeDe on

And here's my upcoming show/tour schedule (more shows coming soon!):

DeDe's Official Website-Shows

Thanks so much for being my fan, listening and sharing my music!

DeDe :)

Thursday, June 11, 2015

DeDe's the Showcase Performer @ New Orleans House of Blues!

Hi Friends & Fans,

Just wanted to update you on some great news-I just found out that I'm the SHOWCASE Performer at the House of Blues in New Orleans on Thurs. August 27 from 7:30-9pm! Register for or find out more about the 10th Annual Cutting Edge Conference by clicking the below link if you're a musician, music lover, an entertainment attorney, or if you work in the entertainment industry:

                                     This is a new photo from my upcoming album "Dream of You",
                                     releasing Fall 2015! Thanks to great photographer, Gerry Garcia!!!

This is a great honor for me since this is also the 10th Anniversary of this Cutting Edge Music Conference, and I'm invited to be a featured artist on the same night that they're giving away the Lifetime Achievement Award which will be presented later on the same stage. I hope you can join me, but if not, I'll get plenty of pics and have some great new music for you... 

And speaking of new music, my upcoming album, "Dream of You" is in the works now and over the next few weeks, and my producer Joey Leone & label manager, Kevin DeClue are very excited to be releasing this right before the New Orleans Conference. I think you'll really like the new direction of this album, with more of a folksy, bluesy and a bit of pop rock & country Americana sound...more to come soon!

If you're in the HOUSTON area, I'm performing at Raffas Waterfront Restaurant in King's Harbor in Kingwood Wed. June 24th from 6-9pm. Come for a great dinner & drinks right on the water in this romantic setting. I'll be performing a few of my new songs too...

Finally, I've been asked to be a Featured Performer near Long Beach in San Pedro, California at the 11th Annual Light in the Lighthouse Music Festival on Sat. Sept. 5th at 2:30pm.  If you're in the LA area, please come to this inspirational festival featuring some of the best Christian & Insprirational artists in the world!

Blessings & Peace,   DeDe :)
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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

NEW! "The Fairy Tale Song" by DeDe

Please Watch/Like/Subscribe and help get The Fairy Tale Song to 20K views ok?


DeDe :)

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Are you a Music Genre Hopper?

Okay, so many of you are asking yourselves, "Am I a Genre Hopper?" Or maybe you're asking, "What is a Genre Hopper?"  Well, in music a genre is a style or certain type of sound of music. Each song technically can be classified as falling generally within a certain musical genre, such as jazz, pop, rock, classical, country, blues, etc. Most songs fall within one type of music genre, but certain songs can be considered belonging in two or more genres such as Latin & Jazz (Latin Jazz); or Pop, Singer/Songwriter & Country, (Alternative pop-country) etc.  A genre hopper is someone who loves so many genres, that they can't seem to focus on which 1 or 2 genres they prefer to write/sing/listen to.

Here's a great article if you're a musician (or just a music lover), that talks about why genre is so important to music listeners and to music creators/performers. If you're like me (and most people), you probably like and listen to many different genres of music.  For example, I like most pop and adult contemporary, some classic rock, some folk or singer/songwriter, some country, some smooth jazz, many jazz standards, and some motown and blues. I also listen to 80s & 90's pop music since I'm sort of a product of those generations. However some people only like one or two genres: I know a few folks who only listen to or write classical music. I also have friends who only like Christian music or who only listen to and write country music.

Genre hopping can create a certain amount of excitement for many listeners and especially for singer/songwriters, (and yes, I admit that there are times and albums where I've been accused of being quite the "genre hopper.") This is all fine and dandy if you like variety when listening to music for your own enjoyment, however, if you're a singer/songwriter like me, it's a good thing to narrow your sound down a bit more (to one or two genres max), so that you and your sound are unique and easily "recognizable" by listeners.

Think about Dolly Parton, do you ever hear her and confuse her with another singer?  How about Cher? I didn't think so. That's because these talented pros have learned how to maximize and focus their sound, thus creating a following with their own personal musical style.  I hope you enjoy this great article about genre hopping from Cari Cole...

Commitment vs. Genre Hopping: Why You’re Genre Hopping and You Need to Stop

by Cari Cole
genresIf you’re like most artists you hate being put in a “box” and you despise labels. I get it. It’s natural, especially when your brain is wired to explore and create like a mad scientist!
Exploring and experimenting are good, just not on your album.
But truth is, unless you jump the proverbial “fence” and cross the line into marketability, you risk wasting all of your hard earned money and time on a record that hears nothing but crickets.
That said, why is it so hard to commit to a sound, style. Like I said, who likes being boxed in?

Here are 5 reasons why it’s hard to commit to a genre: 

(See if you find yourself in one of these scenarios below)

1.   Commitment phobic

If I commit to a genre then I might be stuck with it forever. What if I commit and everyone loves it and then I am stuck with it for my career. I hear about other artists who try to jump genre after they are established unsuccessfully.

2.   There’s so much more to me than just one genre

You find yourself having trouble committing because you like a LOT of different kinds of music and you like to sing/play in several genres. Choosing one (or two) is like parting with your arm.

3.   Your creative brain hates being limited

That’s okay, you’re supposed to be ridiculously creative with thousands of ideas, you just need to herd them into one corral.

4.   Something else always catches your ear

You find yourself never being able to nail your “sound” and are easily distracted with the latest trends or stay stuck in the past. Yup, as a creative music brain this is always going to happen. Stay current, but see this as being “inspired” and don’t jump genres. It’s GOOD to listen outside your genre and weave in threads of other influences. That’s what great music is all about.

Three Techniques for Honing Your Genre Commitment Skills  

Genre is there for a reason. Don’t think of it as a box, think of it as a definition tool. The closer you get to defining your sound, the easier it is for people to identify with you and make bonds. That’s what you want – right? Here’s 3 ways to help you hone your genre commitment skills and help you own your domain in music ….

1.   Pretend You are Your Own Manager

Pretend that you are your manager. A manager will have more objectivity about what you sound like vs. what kind of music you like. You can like a lot of different music, but you can’t play it all on your record and be successful with your career.

2.   Play “Match My Genre”

Match your genre with the kind of music you play when no one’s looking.  It might be a few things. Write it down.  Spend a whole month or two doing this exercise. Then review the results. You might be surprised at what you think you like. And you might be twisting your music to be “commercial” or what you think the industry likes vs. who you really are.

3.   Try a Genre Mashup

This one is fun ;). Mix 2 or 3 genres to come up with a fresh spin on what you’re offering. You might land on something new that strikes a chord, or be careful because you might end up too far left of center. Keep tweaking until you arrive at something that’s in the ballpark and that sounds  totally YOU.
Here are some genre lists and maps to have fun with!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Ah Spring! DeDe's March Madness & Other News...

Hi there!
Wow's Spring's really sprung here in Houston and the weather's finally sunny, warm & beautiful! How are things in your little corner of the world?

Been thinking about and writing lots of ideas & songs lately. My album's releasing fall 2015, and I'm leaning towards calling it "Leaning on Heaven", (get it?:)!  Been working on some new thought-provoking lyrics and cool new melodies... and a very exciting new writing collab with friend & producer, Kevin deClue. Kevin's written with Jewel & Hillary Duff among many others, and I love his work!  And speaking of music and lyrics, I think that this production will include some of my best, most original work so far. Here's a small sample from one of my upcoming songs about the stages of life we go thru and looking back as well as forward...Prime of Life, (copyright 2014 by DeDe :)

Might have took some time
To get me to this place,
When I look in the mirror
These changes I see,
So hard to embrace.
Yesterday was spring
Came so easily,
Now summer’s just a memory...

In the prime of life 
Once again the seasons start to change....

Anyways, I hope you'll enjoy hearing the final version as much as I did writing it...We got the vocals tracked in LA a few weeks ago and things are sounding good so far; and the great Joey Vallone's on guitar.

Below are some upcoming area events and news:
Alive in the Park Events: Inspiring & fun! Great speakers & music in the Park-Free Family Event!  
4-5:30pm One Sunday a month in Kingwood Town Center Park, Kingwood TX
Spring Dates: April 26 & May 17 Bring your friends, lawn chairs, & your family & Prepare to be inspired!

April 2, 6:30-8:30pm DeDe and Upscale Rhythms Band perform Live @ New Building Open House near Ella and 610. Please reply to this email if you want more info or would like to attend-this is an invite only, over age 21 event.

I'll be releasing my first single from my new album in early summer and my radio promo and concerts will be kicking off soon! So please stay tuned!

God Bless!  DeDe
For interviews, press kits or booking information, please contact: Wilene Dunn @, email:
DeDe's Official Website:
DeDe's Facebook Fan Page:

Monday, March 23, 2015

Connect to Independent Music

My original song The Plans I Have for You, is about having such a deep love for someone that you want to care for them, protect and cherish them forever.  Reaching out to them to make sure they have a good future with hope and encouragement. Like God's amazing love or the deeply devoted love a parent has for their child...

Now on 6 Broadjam Top 10 lists!   Click on the link below to hear The Plans I Have for You, Finalist in the 2013 UK Songwriting Contest and 2nd Place finisher in the 2014 Dallas Songwriting Contest!

 Connect to Independent Music

See The Plans I Have Video Here:  The Plans I Have for You by DeDe