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Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Music Farmer's Review of DeDe's The Fairy Tale Song...

the Music Farmer 

DeDe, "The Fairy Tale Song"  See full reviews Here

Feb 14, 2015

DeDe is a contemporary pop artist with a knack for inspiration. Her music is both upbeat and fun, and seems to be a good fit with other artists like Sara Bareilles and Avril Lavigne.

DeDe released a music video for her tune, "The Fairy Tale Song." The video is both whimsical and quirky, incorporating her live action self into an animated world. The video is extremely fun, and the song is a perfect fit for easily listening & mainstream pop radio.

Check out DeDe's video below, and check out her stuff on iTunes, Facebook, & more!

DeDe's Official Site

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Award-Winning Singer/Songwriter DeDe Scores Several New Songwriting Wins!

For Immediate Release:   

Houston TX     
February 8, 2015                                                                   

Up and coming Houston-area Independent Singer/Songwriter DeDe Wedekind,, has won 6 significant and music industry-recognized songwriting awards over the past 4 months:
  1. Adult Contemporary Album of the Year for Love & Fairy Tales- Oct. 2014 IMEA Awards
  2. Holiday Album of the Year for World of Christmas- Oct. 2014 IMEA Awards
  3. Spiritual Song of the Year for “Canon on the Lord’s Prayer”-Oct. 2014 IMEA Awards
  4. Love Song Category FINALIST in the Dec. 2014 Annual UK Songwriting Contest, for “Blame It On the Summertime”
  5. 2nd Place Overall Finisher in the Dallas Songwriting Contest for “The Plans I Have for You”
  6. 2nd Place Overall Finish: Instrumental, in the Dallas Songwriting Contest for “Change the World”, her instrumental version of her original, One Child.

DeDe was also a Semi-Finalist in 7 categories in the Dec. 2014 Annual UK Songwriting Awards for 6 songs including Joyful Christmas, Change the World, One Child, America United, and Canon on the Lord’s Prayer.  DeDe was honored to be recognized as BEST VOCALIST in March 2014 on, for “Blame It On the Summertime”, and was First Runner-Up for the same song on, also in March.

Timothy Yap of, says this about DeDe: “When it comes to song interpretation, (DeDe) Wedekind is without peer.”  Grammy-Winning Producer of the Year, Jeff Bova, (also Producer of World of Christmas), says: “World of Christmas will not just touch your heart, but will touch your soul.”  And Grammy Winner, Jason Miles says, “DeDe is a superb vocalist…a talent to be watched.”

Performing with her 3 to 5-piece band, DeDe recently was signed to new label, Dominion Entertainment in Los Angeles, headed by well-known songwriter & producer, Kevin De Clue, who has worked with Jewel,  Hillary Duff , Jenna Gentry, and Pink.  DeDe’s also just been added to the roster of well-known talent agent Wilene Dunn of WCD Enterprises of Ft. Worth, Texas.

Listen to DeDe’s music on: iHeart Radio, Pandora, Lastfm, Jango Internet Radio, and other internet radio stations like, and you can purchase her music on iTunes,, and CDBaby, just search “DeDe Wedekind”.  To find out more about DeDe, including her upcoming shows and new music projects, visit:, and SignUp for her monthly fan news!

PRESS RELEASE: Singer/Songwriter DeDe Receives 6 Major Music Industry Awards!

Online Music Site Mi2N Announces Songwriting Wins for Singer/Songwriter DeDe!

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

10 Most Common Lyric Writing Mistakes

I just read this on the Dallas Songwriter's Website, so I thought I'd pass it on to all my fellow musicians, songwriters and music lovers. This is the kind of stuff we songwriters think about all the time....pretty funny if you think about it.  I find myself rhyming things in my head all day, (what rhymes with confused? unused?) and thinking about unusual ways to say the same thing, but only a bit differently.  I think all kinds of writers must run up against this. Of course we all get Writer's Block from time to time, even us songwriters, but we also can get what I call Melody Block :)

Anyways, here's the list of common lyric writing mistakes. I agree with each one wholeheartedly, but I could also add that you also probably need to write about something that people are actually interested in reading about or listening to. For example you wouldn't want to read about your Grandma's old car or something, but maybe about all the memories and feelings whenever you think of Grandma's house.

Enjoy!  DeDe :) 

10 Common Mistakes Made Writing Lyrics
Step back and take a careful look at your lyric. One or more of the mistakes below may keep your baby out of the winner’s circle. 
  1. Song idea is overdone without a fresh approach. Most common theme is the “You done me wrong and I’m leaving you.”
  2. Lyric is riddled with clichés. Love songs can be the worst offenders. A song contest judge or publisher in particular will toss out the song in a heartbeat, (pardon the cliché’) if the lyric has them.
  3. Lyric is not conversational. It’s not believable if the artist is using words not commonly expressed or sentences are broken or convoluted or forced.
  4. Missing a clear hook, has more than one hook, and/or verses or chorus do not set up and lead to hook. Hook is weak.
  5. Lyric is outdated. Words, mannerisms, ideas seem to come from a past decade or so ago. 
  6. Lyric is preachy or philosophical or distant. Doesn’t reach you on a personal level.
  7. Uninteresting, predictable rhyme scheme (lines 1 and 2 rhyme, 3 and 4 rhyme, rhyme scheme in verses same as chorus. Rhythm/line lengths same throughout. No variation gets very boring – difficult to write a melody that’s interesting when written this way.
  8. Long verses, too many verses, long chorus - redundant, lengthy, wordy, etc. Main idea of song is not understood by time you get to chorus, takes too long to get to chorus. 
  9. Lack of visual imagery. Lyric is telling when it should be showing.
  10. No movement from verse to verse. You could change their place and it doesn’t affect the song. Chorus doesn’t conclude. Bridge doesn’t do what it is supposed to do.

Monday, January 19, 2015

And The Results Are In...My Jan. 2015 Songwriting News!


                    (OR: How a few Songwriting Awards Take the "Bite" out of Winter for DeDe :)

Hi there!

Winter's definitely here, and I've been hearing about how cold it's been all around the US from my friends, fans & family. Fortunately, we got a bit of a break this week and it's been sunny and MUCH warmer in the Houston area:) 

I appreciate each and every one of my fans, and I really appreciate you signing up on my Sign Up page for my monthly fan news, and spreading the word about my music! And I love hearing from my fans, so please check out my About page, and feel free to contact me!

It's been a busy couple of months, and I wanted to share some good news I got this week. I was named a FINALIST in the UK Songwriting Competition for the 2nd year in a row with my song, Blame It On the Summertime.  Last year, my finalist song was The Plans I Have for You.  

I also was grateful to receive some CASH for winning 2nd place in 2 Categories of the 2014 Dallas Songwriting Contest, for The Plans I Have for You, and also for my instrumental version of One Child, which I call, Change the World. These Dallas folks are pretty cool, and tons of songwriters from all over the world enter their annual contest, so it's pretty cool to also get a few nifty certificates from them too.

I really appreciate you Liking me on Facebook, sharing my posts, listening to and purchasing my music. This helps support Indie Artists like me, and gives us encouragement to keep on writing music and performing. I also appreciate you guys in the Houston area who've attended some of my shows and performances. You can see all my upcoming shows here:

Plans for 2015:

I've been writing with my label management (Kevin Dominion Entertainment), in LA. They've worked with Jewel, Hillary Duff and Pink, among others, and we've got great synergy as a songwriting team. I think you'll hear more depth and thought provoking lyrics and some cool new directions in my songs, which are slated to be released sometime around summer 2015.  

Best blessings to you and yours in 2015, and all the best music!

DeDe :) 

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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Fairy Tale Song is on Broadjam Earth Top 10 List...check it out!

View DeDe's "The Fairy Tale Song" animated video here and help DeDe make it to 14, 000 Views!

Please Like my YouTube Channel & Subscribe! Thanks!!!  -DeDe

DeDe's The Fairy Tale Song was a FINALIST in the Children's Music Category of the 2014 International Songwriting Awards!

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