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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My Sister Missi Pyle, Stars in This New Movie 'Gone Girl' With Ben Affleck- releasing 10/3/14! (Teaser Video) |

Please watch and share! My sister, Missi Pyle, stars in this movie with Ben Affleck. It's a thriller you won't want to miss coming to theaters on Oct. 3!

First teaser for David Fincher's 'Gone Girl' with Ben Affleck released (Video) |

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Absolutely THE BEST Advice I've Ever Seen Online about Artists, their Music, Making Demos, Record Labels and "Making It"! -DeDe :)

What If The Label Says “YES”?
A guest post by Johnny Dwinell of Daredevil Production

So Kelly and I are at a private party with Anthony Orio & friends and we end up in a conversation over beers and cigars about artist development and the damage that happens when artists and/or songwriters get their lucky break too early.  What if you get the opportunity of a lifetime to take a big step towards your dream and you’re not developed enough, ill prepared, or worse, searching only for fame?  In short, what if the label says YES?!?!

That’s right, I said it.  What if the record label or publishing company says “yes”?  Are you ready?

Do you know where you’re going artistically?

Are you prepared to fight for your vision or will you be lost in the crowd with your hat in your hand?

Do you understand the hustle of the business and how to operate intelligently within it so you can capitalize on the coming momentum?

The NFL has classes that all rookies are required to take to deal with this instantaneous rise in the players brand awareness and cash flow, but they certainly DON’T offer this in the music business.  In fact, they would prefer you don’t know; more money for the powers that be.

You can’t just stick your toes in the water; you have to be ALL IN.  To make a living, you have to be a student of the game.  If you don’t know your business, you’re being lazy.  Trust me, THEY WILL know your business because they’re professionals and you will suffer for your lack of knowledge one way or the other.

What if the Publishing Company Says YES?

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Time for a Royalty Check? Kiss that goodbye...or, is there any hope out there?

A great read about Royalties for songs, movies, video games, photos, books, etc. Be sure to see my comment at the end.  DeDe :)

Online Piracy Finally In the Crosshairs

On March 13, the Congressional Subcommittee on copyright reform held hearings on proposed revisions to the DMCA, Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Those invited to testify were evenly split between those who represented the tech industry and those who represented the artist and Copyright. Maria Schneider, a Grammy Award Winner, was the lone artist represented on the panel. She presented honest, impassioned testimony framing the serious challenges of out-of-control piracy from an artist's perspective.
Written in 1998, with the intent of protecting both copyright holders and website owners, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, quickly became a devastating problem for copyright holders. Not coincidentally, barely a year later, in 1999, Shawn Fanning launched Napster, marking the beginning of online piracy and over a decade of artist abuse.
Now, fifteen years later, most pirate sites are still operating under the protection provided by the DMCA's Safe Harbor; a loop-hole that has enabled pirate sites to thrive in a quasi-legal gray area. A safe harbor from which online pirates claim compliance by engaging in what is commonly referred to as whack-a-mole, a process where infringing sites comply with take down notices by taking down the infringing content only to have the same content reposted almost immediately from another source.
Read more here:  http:

Tuesday, March 11, 2014



Read about DeDe's 2 major Music Industry Honors in March 2013, and stay tuned for all her other news!

Vote for DeDe in the People's Voice Awards, follow instructions in the second link above!

Thanks!!!  DeDe :)

Monday, March 3, 2014

Now that the OSCARS and WINTER are over, we're MARCH-ing on!

Hi there,
     Well, hasn't this been an interesting weekend?! Lots of unusual weather in Texas (we had a 50 degree fluctation in the past 24 hours: 79 to 29 degrees F!!) And as in most years, some very unusual outfits/dresses at the Oscars this year! Who's on your fav & worst dressed list?  Mine? Laura Dern-Worst, Jennifer Lawrence-Best! How's the weather in your area?
     Contests are fun & the winner of the Feb. Valentine contest was Samantha Holmes, who won a copy of "Love & Fairy Tales": her hubby took her to a romantic dinner & movie, then she treated him to a home made heart-shaped chocolate cake with pecans on top-yum! Congrats Samantha!
March-ing on to the Music! Please vote if you can...

     PLEASE VOTE! The Fairy Tale Song is a FINALIST in the Intl. Songwriting Competition in the Children's Music Category: please "LIKE" first, then click on "Children's Music" & "The Fairy Tale Song". Please VOTE here: The Fairy Tale Song.  

     THANKS SO MUCH for your support of local & independent artists!  Thanks to you & your help, I'm floored to have just received Singer's Best Vocalist of the Month for Feb. 2014 for "Blame It on the Summertime", (which also is in the Top 5 for for Feb.) 

Local Public Shows (Kingwood N. Houston):

WED. March 5th-Cafe du Bois 6:30-9:30pm  Treat yourself to a relaxing mid week dinner & music!

WED. March 19- Zammittis 5:30-8:30pm  Great new menu, we'll be on the patio by the lake.

SAT. March 22-Ford Dealership in Cleveland off Hwy 59N.  10am-6pm.  Fundraiser for HEAVEN's ARMY, crawfish, fun, food, music, classic cars and cycles!  DeDe from 5-6pm  Tix @ the door. Please bring the family & donate here:

SUN March 9 & SUN April 13 4:30-6:30pm  ALIVE in the PARK @ Town Center, a free family-friendly inspirational concert event! Bring your lawnchairs & kids.  DeDe & Bands will be there in April, time TBA!

THURS April 24-Amedeos 6:30-9:30pm. Enjoy 1/2 price appetizers, music, fun, and drink specials all night!, 281-359-4451  

Please drop me a line and let me know how you're doing, enjoy your March, and HOPEFULLY some great spring weather!  Feel free to "share" this okay?

Blessings, peace, and all the best musically,
DeDe :)  Songs, Blog, Shows & News (2 FREE downloads here!) (The Fairy Tale Song Video)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

We'll Never Part by DeDe (Clip)

A new romantic original song based on "The Swan" by Camille Saint-Saenz (1886), copyright 2013 by DeDe Wedekind.  From the Award-Winning album, Love & Fairy Tales (June 2013), written by D. Wedekind & D. Koch.

Order your copy or MP3 today! (Amazon, CDBaby & iTunes links here).