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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

How Would YOU Like to Help Unite Americans Again? Read on for how, & DeDe's September News!

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Dear Fans,
Around this time, every year I ask myself, where'd the summer go? Although it's still hot in Houston, out here in LA, it's getting to be fall all the way! Having fun out here working on some media, videos, radio, and social media updates with some folks and friends, & visiting friends and family. Lots of cool fall stuff going on...Can't wait to see this little cutie soon, my LA niece, Zooey Rose, is 1 year old next week:
Been working with a Nashville Publicity firm to get my updated "America United" New 2016 version- out there to as many stations, news media outlets, shows and folks in the US as possible. The story behind this song is that now more than ever, we all need to be united again in the US, and "work together hand in hand" to continue to "make America safe and strong" and "make America Great"! You can read all about it *(and share!) this exciting & informative Critical Blast article HERE (with LISTEN link)!  It wasn't written for a specific party or platform, but really just to help us stop infighting, bickering, and finger- pointing and work hard together to become a better, stronger and greater nation once again! 
The International Music and Entertainment Assn. Awards is coming up October 8, in Nashville. Of course you are all invited to attend! Click for info and to please VOTE for me for categories: #1 Artist of the Year, & #2 Album of the Year. Feel free to vote for all my friends too: Kathy Boyd & Phoenix Rising, Barren Runes, Tamika Dunning, Matthew H, Nate Currin, Shantal O, and the list goes on and on...Voting goes until Sept. 20th & one email required per vote!  Sharing with friends & family is much appreciated, and thanks so much!

Upcoming Shows:  House of Blue Los Angeles Oct. 14, 2016! Time TBA
The Rock Restaurant Boquete, PA:  Sept. 80's Show!  Time and Date TBA
Posting all my shows & songs here:

All the BEST MUSIC to you and God Bless America!
DeDe WeDeKind

  1. NEW! Dream of You by DeDe
  2. Sell Me Out
  3. Stronger
  4. My Unsung Hero

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"Just like an adept sculptor...bring(s) new friends out of a mass of stone, Wedekind can cause new and amicable characters to emerge out of well-worn songs we take for granted. When it comes to song interpretation, Wedekind is without peer. A song when placed in her care...can bloom with a new life of its own."
— Timothy Yap,, Dec 7, 2013

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

NEW! "Today, I'll Marry My Friend" Video & other ROMANTIC SONGS & Videos!

Engaged? Getting #Married, or know someone who is?  Also perfect for Anniversaries!  Watch, Subscribe & Share....

Just posted some #Romantic NEW #Videos on my #YouTube:

Today I'll Marry My Friend (above) & Dream of You  (IMC Song of the Year-2016)

A BIG thanks to my friend Conny Gehring, who recorded these and posted them!!!

For more info about DeDe and hear & Download all her music:

Please message DeDe if you want to use these new, original & award-winning songs for your upcoming wedding or anniversary!

Twitter:  @DeDeWMusic

Monday, August 1, 2016

Sunday, June 26, 2016

On the Radio July 4th! DeDe's on Award-Winning Women of Substance PATRIOTIC Podcast #1 Rated on itunes!

Thrilled to find out that I'm going to be on the Women of Substance Award-Winning #Radio Show's #PATRIOTIC #Podcast on July 4th @ 8pm Eastern, 7pm Central, 5pm West Coast!  
Visit: to tune in and/or sign up for your FREE iTunes download!  

Thanks for LIKING & SHARING my music!  -DeDe:)
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Monday, June 20, 2016

You Just Can't Make This Stuff Up! The Never Ending Wedding...& DeDe's June News!

DeDe Wins Best New Artist of the Year from the Indie Music in Los Angeles on April 24, 2016 

The Wedding: A Crazy yet TRUE Story!

So...yesterday afternoon, my Band and I were booked to play at this wedding that was way out in the country pretty far north of Houston. There was like a 95% chance of rain and it was really really hot. We left a little late, and so we took this back road that we found out later was sort of "closed". We were in our Hummer with all the band equipment, gear and stuff, with our drummer following behind us in his SUV. So on this "closed" country road we came to a bridge that was "missing some of the road" that led up to and away from the actual bridge. The 3 of us got out and walked around to check it all out, and then proceeded to "build" a new road to this bridge using some old washed out concrete that we found on the side of the road from the last flood in Houston that had likely washed out the bridge. We eventually made it across this new bridge "road" and then FINALLY got to the country wedding in backwoods,Texas about 30 mins before we were supposed to start-around 5:30pm.

As soon as we arrived, we found out that all the power to the building and the entire property had been out since 1pm. Keep in mind that we were already extremely hot from "building our new bridge". So then we had to setup all our equipment in the dark. It was like 100% humidity and 95 degrees and we were all dressed up in our boots and show duds. And it was SO Very HOT! I felt really bad for the bride and groom, but they were amazing and so nice, very calm, cool and collected (well maybe NOT that cool!) We ended up doing an "acoustic show" outside with our only acoustic guitar, a bongo drum, and tambourine for the guests, with everyone singing along. It ended up pretty fun after all, but it was still like 90 degrees out. They went and got a small generator for us around 7:30, and then the power did eventually come back on around 8pm, but by that time, a lot of the guests had already left due to the heat and humidity.

After all that, we still ended up playing a 3.5 hour show to the remaining wedding party and guests who had "gritted it out"! And unbelievably, the show was amazing. And the bride and groom were amazing. And... MY BAND was absolutely amazing too! There are several morals I'm taking away from this story. The first one is: when one road "closes" another always opens! Another is, you NEVER know what you're going to have to face in life, so sometimes you may have to: 1. build a few bridges; 2. work hard and have a little patience; 3. trust that things will eventually work out; and 4. don't "sweat" the small stuff!  

DeDe and the DayDreams Band :)

Please come to our Late, Late Show @ Bierraporetti's on Louisiana in Downtown Houston: DeDe, Jerry, Alan & Larry THIS Friday June 17th from 9:15-Midnight. We'll be so glad to see you there! Come for the great Italian food & drinks- stay for the fun & the LIVE music! -DeDe :)