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Sunday, June 26, 2016

On the Radio July 4th! DeDe's on Award-Winning Women of Substance PATRIOTIC Podcast #1 Rated on itunes!

Thrilled to find out that I'm going to be on the Women of Substance Award-Winning #Radio Show's #PATRIOTIC #Podcast on July 4th @ 8pm Eastern, 7pm Central, 5pm West Coast!  
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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

So You Like #Music #Videos? Short & Memorable: #DeDe Wedekind & the DayDreams #Band-Houston

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Blessings, DeDe, Alan, Larry & Jerry   
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Monday, June 20, 2016

You Just Can't Make This Stuff Up! The Never Ending Wedding...& DeDe's June News!

DeDe Wins Best New Artist of the Year from the Indie Music in Los Angeles on April 24, 2016 

The Wedding: A Crazy yet TRUE Story!

So...yesterday afternoon, my Band and I were booked to play at this wedding that was way out in the country pretty far north of Houston. There was like a 95% chance of rain and it was really really hot. We left a little late, and so we took this back road that we found out later was sort of "closed". We were in our Hummer with all the band equipment, gear and stuff, with our drummer following behind us in his SUV. So on this "closed" country road we came to a bridge that was "missing some of the road" that led up to and away from the actual bridge. The 3 of us got out and walked around to check it all out, and then proceeded to "build" a new road to this bridge using some old washed out concrete that we found on the side of the road from the last flood in Houston that had likely washed out the bridge. We eventually made it across this new bridge "road" and then FINALLY got to the country wedding in backwoods,Texas about 30 mins before we were supposed to start-around 5:30pm.

As soon as we arrived, we found out that all the power to the building and the entire property had been out since 1pm. Keep in mind that we were already extremely hot from "building our new bridge". So then we had to setup all our equipment in the dark. It was like 100% humidity and 95 degrees and we were all dressed up in our boots and show duds. And it was SO Very HOT! I felt really bad for the bride and groom, but they were amazing and so nice, very calm, cool and collected (well maybe NOT that cool!) We ended up doing an "acoustic show" outside with our only acoustic guitar, a bongo drum, and tambourine for the guests, with everyone singing along. It ended up pretty fun after all, but it was still like 90 degrees out. They went and got a small generator for us around 7:30, and then the power did eventually come back on around 8pm, but by that time, a lot of the guests had already left due to the heat and humidity.

After all that, we still ended up playing a 3.5 hour show to the remaining wedding party and guests who had "gritted it out"! And unbelievably, the show was amazing. And the bride and groom were amazing. And... MY BAND was absolutely amazing too! There are several morals I'm taking away from this story. The first one is: when one road "closes" another always opens! Another is, you NEVER know what you're going to have to face in life, so sometimes you may have to: 1. build a few bridges; 2. work hard and have a little patience; 3. trust that things will eventually work out; and 4. don't "sweat" the small stuff!  

DeDe and the DayDreams Band :)

Please come to our Late, Late Show @ Bierraporetti's on Louisiana in Downtown Houston: DeDe, Jerry, Alan & Larry THIS Friday June 17th from 9:15-Midnight. We'll be so glad to see you there! Come for the great Italian food & drinks- stay for the fun & the LIVE music! -DeDe :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How I Got My Start in Music by DeDe - From #Nashville's CityIICity "Music In The Spotlight"

Please Watch, Like and Share this short #video about DeDe Wedekind and how I got started in Music!
Thanks to Scott Brigger and OAG Management for a great time and a cool video!
DeDe :)

Sunday, May 1, 2016

DeDe Wedekind Wins Best New Female Artist of the Year @ the 5th Annual Indie Music Channel Awards!

DeDe Wins 4 Awards including Best New Female Artist of the Year! 
May 1, 2016

Houston-based singer/songwriter, DeDe Wedekind, with over 110,000 fans worldwide, was just named the 2016 Best New Female ARTIST of the YEAR, at the 5th Annual Indie Music Channel (IMC) Awards, held at the Clive Davis Theater at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles in April.  The Indie Music Channel was founded by Emmy-winning actor, writer, musician & producer, Christopher Ewing, as a one-of-a-kind platform to help talented Independent Artists get much needed recognition, while playing their music on the IMC’s internationally acclaimed internet radio stations & website.  Artists also receive unique worldwide exposure via The Indie Music Channel’s Website, FM & Internet Syndicated Radio Shows, the Indie CAFÉ TV Show, LIVE TV Show, & other IMC Shows & Tours.

At the IMC Awards, DeDe was also honored with Best Americana Song, Best Americana Artist & Best Americana Recording for her original, “Dream of You”!  These awards were based on the release of DeDe’s much-anticipated 4th album, Dream of You, in Feb. 2016.  Also from this album, new Single “Stronger” already garnered Best Adult Contemporary Song of the Year-2015, at the 3rd Annual International Music and Entertainment (IMEA) Awards in Atlanta.  In 2014, DeDe also won TWO separate IMEA ALBUM of the YEAR Awards, for Album #2: Love & Fairy Tales, and for Album #3: World of Christmas!
DeDe’s new album features her original single: “Love Lives On”, recorded with Multi-Platinum mega hit Songwriter and Producer, Andrew Fromm. Andrew Fromm’s the songwriter for ‘NSync’sMillenium” album, the Backstreet Boys, Marc Anthony & many others. Andrew is featured playing the piano on this inspiring single from DeDe’s New album.

DeDe’s been a repeat FINALIST in many global songwriting competitions: International Songwriting Contest, USA Songwriting Contest, Broadjam, UK Songwriting Contest, the 2014 Annual Dallas Songwriting Contest, and Song of the’s 2015 Songwriting Contest.   DeDe’s music is: Country-Pop Americana, Inspiring Adult Contemporary, and Folk-Rock: Southern AMERICAN ROOTS Music.

Recently, Nashville’s Air9 started a Country, Americana, AC & Christian Radio campaign for 4 Singles from Dream of You: “My Unsung Hero”, “Prime of Life”, “Dream of You” & the inspirational “Love Lives On”.  For all DeDe’s music visit: www.DeDe-Music.comTo contact DeDe’s management for radio play or Album Reviews, DeDe & the DayDream Band Press Kits, band or solo Bookings, Speaking or Concert engagements, or for Radio or TV interviews, please contact Devon Hitteman at:

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

DeDe's 2016 IMC Best New Artist of the Year Accept Speech

DeDe Wedekind accepts one of her 4 awards at the 5th Annual IMC Awards 
at the Grammy Museum Theater in Los Angeles on April 24th.

Please watch, subscribe to, like & share this short video of my acceptance speech at the Indie Music Channel Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday April 24, 2016!  For the Complete List of Winners at the 2016 Indie Music Channel Awards visit:
Thanks, DeDe:)

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