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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

**Exclusive Video Premiere of The Fairy Tale Song 10/4**

Just when you thought the music industry had gone through enough complex and unanticipated changes, well, even more sweeping changes have been happening lately.  Now, it appears that sites such as YouTube and Vevo are not only entertaining visitors and members alike with fun and eclectic videos, but now, having a high quality music video to go along with that hit or potential hit song is not only nice to have, it's regarded by most of the industry as essential.  That's because social media video sites along with other social media sites promote the idea and the reality that having a great and well-made music video is now just as important as having a terrific song to go along with it. This change has had a profound effect on artists, who now often scramble as their CD's and singles release to also have interesting, unusual, captivating and cool imagery and "video stories of their songs" to go along with the songs they have worked so hard to often: write, perform and produce...." It's also given companies and producers of music videos a great new market for their video making services.

With that in mind, I learned at an ASCAP music conference for songwriters in LA this past April that having a great song is really no longer enough. Not enough for the artist, and certainly not enough for fans.  Everyone expects a great and highly entertaining music video for each and every song, but especially for "songs with high hit potential."  Some artists post interesting videos to subscribers weekly and update their fans and subscribers all the time.  These videos often are just the artist talking about their latest project, answering fan questions or just generally entertaining their fans so that fans feel connected to the artist.  Not coincidentally, these are the same artists with the most fans, followers, and views on YouTube and sites like Vevo, artists such as Prince Royce and Lana del Ray, etc.

DeDe says: "In fact this is why I decided to do three music videos this year, the first one being The Fairy Tale Song, which is premiering here on 10/4!  I chose this song, because I think the message is positive and powerful, and the lyrics of the song lent themselves very well to some fun animation and familiar imagery.  This song was written to encourage teens and kids of all ages to "follow their heart", learn from mistakes, make good choices, and "live their dreams" making their "fairy tale come true".  And everyone, no matter what age, will find the fun nursery rhymes and fairy tale themes of this song and video familiar, and hopefully they will smile, tap their toes, and really relate to the lyrics and imagery." 

This video, by Jesse Davy, combines green screen production, along with fantasy drawings and renderings, and photo elements, making it highly unique and very interesting to watch.  DeDe: "It made me think over and over, "how did he do that?"  I like it when I see things that make me think that, because it keeps my mind engaged.  I love the quality of the animation scenes that Jesse incorporates into the "real photos" which makes this video really fun to watch, interesting, and imaginative.  I hope you like it and will share it with your family and friends!" 

Also coming soon, the video of DeDe's original song, One Child, from her upcoming Christmas CD, World of Christmas, premiering in Oct. 2013!  With a mix of familiar, original and blended songs, this very anticipated world music CD, by DeDe & Grammy Winning Producer, Jeff Bova, will release in late October. Visit and Sign Up for news so that you can catch all DeDe's latest news, videos and music. Watch all of DeDe's music videos on