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Thursday, October 31, 2013

O Where O Where Has My BandPage Gone, O Where O Where Can It Be...?

Ever had something working great on your PC or cellphone one day, and then completely disappear the next for no apparent reason (like emails for example)

Hi, DeDe here. Here's the NEW LINK to my brand new BandPage which happens to be attached to my same old Facebook Fan Page: Now, I know this may not be all that exciting to you, but as one who is universally technically challenged, I’m really, really excited about this!  Okay, so my old BandPage on Facebook was, as my Scottish friend says, just a “wee bit” outdated (since I didn’t really know how to update it for like 2 years)…? A few weeks ago I got this email that my BandPage was expiring, and I needed to pay to renew it, etc. etc., (an email which I chose to ignore and deleted really quick).  Well, I guess I must have let it expire, and then “poof!” It vanished into thin air- (which was probably a good thing in the long run, although short-term I felt completely technically betrayed by Facebook, (apparently BandPage is a separate entity entirely from Facebook, who knew?), and I had zero idea how to get it back... Where to start, and where to look?  (DeDe’s now singing): “O where o where has my BandPage gone, o where o where can it be?”  (Hey, ever been there?!)  And nope, it didn’t sing or talk back to me or anything, which I’m sure you’ll take as a good sign…

So now I’m kinda relieved because I no longer needed to worry about how badly this really old and decrepit page was looking….Or DID I?  So I started to fret about where it went, was I ever going to see it again, and then, who STOLE it? Was it the NSA and their cyber-targeting bullies? Hey, did they think I was some sort of a musical terrorista threat?  Or was I now on some new IRS target list for low-income artists?  Or God forbid, maybe I was also being dropped by my health insurance plan? (Which BTW-I think I’m the ONLY American who admits that it was kinda crappy anyways, so I definitely did NOT want to keep my crummy plan- take THAT Sebelius!)… And did it disappear into the same abyss as the Obamacare website? And were my new Obamacare premiums now going to completely bankrupt me?…But I digress, as I often do with my natural ADD tendencies… So I began to wonder if I was ever going to find my buddy, my pal & my old friend: my Facebook BandPage. I know it MUST have fallen into some slippery cyber wormhole or be trapped in a clogged computing cloud or something….

But no fears! For a mere $19.95 (per year) charged to PayPal, and a measly 18 hours of PC crunch time later, I was (finally!) able to retrieve my password, reset it, and actually create a new, improved and completely updated BandPage to go along with my fabuloso Facebook Fan Page! To be sure there were many happy sighs of relief, (I think I heard actually the heavens open and angels singing at one point!) But this was only AFTER: all the loud rumblings from my empty tummy, completely dry eyes and blurred vision from severe eyestrain, and yawn after yawn from lack of sleep!  Not to mention since my head's been hitting this technical “brick wall” over and over from extreme frustration, now I also have a whopper of a headache…!  Oh well, all's well that ends well. I have a happy new BandPage that looks real snappy, is pretty darned cool, and is now what they call “UP-DATED” with photos, and songs even. AND, it’s working great; at least for the next few hours….right?  But let's not get paranoid here....

So, please visit my New and Improved BandPage and check out a few song clips from my new Album when you get a chance, and get a free download of my song, Deck the Halls for stopping by, okay?  The album's called World of Christmas, and apparently it's actually now live on iTunes (well, at least it was on the FRANCE iTunes, and so it was completely in FRENCH, but we WON’T go there, or let THAT be a concern right now, okay?)  

   Parlez-vous Francais?   
   DeDe :)