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Monday, January 20, 2014

Gimme a Break! It IS January After All...

DeDe has been pondering some deep thoughts over the past 4 weeks. Time she has taken off to re-organize her office, ponder those same deep thoughts, clear out the cobwebs, hopefully find her 2014 direction, and possibly write some new music...

All this to say that I know that New Year's resolutions are incredibly good and all that, but all these resolutions, this organizing and such, can be quite intimidating for us creative types. I mean, just because it's January, I'm supposed to snap my fingers and know what direction I'm heading artistically, know what to write about, get my schedule and priorities together for the next 12 months, and magically know what people will want to listen to for the next 12-18 months, right?

Well, shucks, if I can't even figure out what I'm going to wear today, let alone eat, or even watch on TV, much less write songs about!  So because it's January, we're all supposed to jump right in to the new year, not slip up, and of course, keep all our resolutions (for at least  a month anyways!), right?  Uh, and if we're songwriters, write smashing, relevant and really great lyrics and hip memorable music to boot, get lots of high paying gigs, AND make an impact on our world thru our music! AND have a great 12 Month Plan/marketing strategy for 2014- RIGHT NOW!

Okay, enough already, this makes my head hurt. Really!  I just figured it out-January is full of pressure. I just realized that it's probably one of the toughest months for musicians- because not only are the holidays and all the holiday gigs and fun over, but the New Year comes with Resolutions, and it's like you're starting completely over.  From scratch. So I know what I need to do, but my heart and head are in slight disagreement as to how exactly to do this, and there's also this big schedule conflict-my head screams NOW! But my body and heart say, WOA!  And I know that it's January here, after all, and I need to start the creative juices flowing, or else! For the self employed songwriter/musician, well, it's NOW or NEVER. No pressure.

So finally, I yell, "STOP!" Give yourself some slack there, DeDe. We're all wonderful creations of God. You are talented and hard working. Give yourself a break. Read some books you want to read. Watch some movies and shows you want to watch. Work on your relationships- yes even with your husband, kids and family... Examine what's really important in life. Build your self esteem back up.  Exercise and eat better as you are able to and don't worry about those few extra pounds right now, just start trying to take the stairs and park a little further away and, oh yeah, cut out desserts. Walk the dogs. Do little things that bring joy to you and to others. Start with the little things. Clear off your desk, pay some bills, unclutter your closet and car.  Take some time off. Start to clean your house. Play with your kids/dogs. It will get better. Baby steps, they work. I promise you will have a great year if you start with baby steps: believe in yourself, pray, take the pressure off, affirm and be kind to yourself (and to those you love).

...And with baby steps, I started major portions of 2 new songs this week. And took a mini-vacation. And practiced my music and piano.  And cleaned my office-sort of.  And worked out 3 times last week. And booked 3 more gigs. Baby Steps. Breathe in breathe out. Thank God for all He's done and will do this year...

Counting my Blessings... DeDe :)